New Collection 2015 Gamamobel

We present in Bali, Daytona and Katia, the three new parts catalog Gamamobel 2015. Our brand is committed pastels: smooth, delicates, nice, confectionery… A chromatic scale that makes a stop in the version with greater brightness of each color, resulting in the blue sky, lemon, delicate lilac, rosewood.

Splashes of pink to welcome you to the first: The Daytona model is a perfect sample of color scheme and pattern, wrapping of femininity and inspiration your living room giving it that british touch that is so fashionable. In this case we have opted for the tone "baby pink", Very cool for Nordic environments and with gray tones create trend. In Gamamobel we are big fans of the rose palette that makes spaces more welcoming, well this fabric line aqua clean visual has very attractive features as it is a washable and very durable.

Katia Blog

Green hunting impregnate you stay with natural touches: We have invested in our model KATIA by green forest and stone classic color mixed with mustard tones is another it must this season. We wanted to give a more trendy couture air using our "country" with greater thickness and pitch oil, which we think is a very interesting addition to give a stylish touch and striking. The wooden leg sofa Katia is adequate and is very much in line with a Nordic environment, highlighting the natural inspiration both on the couch and decorative accessories.

Bali blog

Get you a fresh air with indigo as the protagonist: Our model follows the Mediterranean Balli lines simulating the proximity to seawater, transporting us to moments of rest in daylight, open spaces ,cool houses and long afternoons gathering among friends. Noted for its wide modulation and lines, bet design and for more welcoming environments. Balli is your perfect partner if you're thinking amueblarte your loft or if you want to give a modern minimalist touch to your living room. Also you can have for your outdoor spaces as we have for outdoor fabrics that will make you enjoy the sun, water and your couch. We wanted to use the indigo blue with mottled mixed with white gives this very stylish Navy inspiration.

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