Gamamobel: key color and design to choose sofa, by Homify

Tips for Choosing Sofa, under this title the German company Homify, We explained what the important keys are not to fail in choosing the protagonist of your living room.

The decision when choosing a sofa is not simple, because it is the centerpiece and must be in harmony with the rest of tones, furniture and textiles. We attack some doubts light or dark? With or without Long cellars?

Together with color our Adagio, are also measures, the form and design what, in this case, our Chester was chosen in lime green. For Maria Bautista, the sofa is the centerpiece of a whole, if we choose a strong and powerful Color, the rest of the details will have to go game, but being the only protagonist.

Size matters, and we must be aware of what we have space and comfort and functionality, are the most important values. The fabric must be strong, adequate and pleasant as our line Aqua Clean. Finally the shape and design can not be forgotten, either classic, the modern Minimal must be consistent with your personality and style of living. To read the article please click.

Homify It is a portal dedicated to inspiration, an online platform for live and build. There we can find the products of leading European companies, where is Gamamombel, Tips for decorating, reforms and even moving. From the conception of the idea to the final product, contacted experts in construction and design with the owners of houses and apartments worldwide. Further, Experts in the area of, great works that serve as inspiration for non-professionals who want to make your home special shows

With a simple click you can see our full collection if you are thinking about changing couch.

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