Gamamobel, more sofas: Three irresistible extra accessories.

When choosing a sofa should not only think about the color, size or design, but also in the amenities it offers for day to day. In Gamamobel we characterized by "customize" every sofa for each client, but we are also constantly innovating and creating for our upholstered more attractive and functional.

Today protagonists are three advantages of our models you'll love:

Technology that makes our lives easier. Our sofas can carry a built-in sound system, that allows us to connect our smartphone and listen to music without losing comfort and audio quality. But we can not only create good atmosphere resting, but also charge your mobile via USB connection. A great advantage when working from home. Leisure, rest and obligations in one place.

GAmmaobel musci

Extra storage: As if magically be treated, You can take anywhere from a few of our models to place a small chest of drawers or a magazine. We often have unexpected visit and do not know where to quickly replace all the junk we have on the couch, because here you have a good corner. If you are looking for extra space we recommend our swing bunker on chaise longe. The model Katia Collection 21015 is a good example, allows us to have a storage area in the arm.

Katia detail Storage

Table and incorporated poufs, for lovers of vermouth and intimate parties. A perfect accessory for small homes that require use of space, It is in our model Brando with chaise longe. You can wear on your arm two poufs and a small table for a drink with friends or dine without leaving couch relaxing Sunday. One of the accessories you delight our customers as well as original is very practical and functional.


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