Gamamobel Contract: The essence of design with our most elegant sofas

The Contract Area Gamamobel has starred in more than one occasion in our blog. But nevertheless, There are still many people who do not know what the contract and how it develops.

By definition is the product distribution channel architecture, furniture and decoration in which a value chain of products and services are integrated to provide a comprehensive and specialized response to different spaces. The contract is intended for institutional and corporate clients, whether public or private, delegating work in different companies to furnish and decorate their facilities.

In Gamamobel we worked on various facilities like Institut English Language Schools in Malta, hotel Mnar Park in Morocco or the Riyad Bank in Saudi Arabia, advising and creating spaces for our customers as we've been reporting.

The sector has been the preeminent hotel for Amueblamientos, but increasingly apartment complexes opt for this distribution. Today we bring you one of the last works in Qatar. Our team chose sofa and chaise longe separate matching tone stone, along with two armchairs contrasting indigo blue with white cuffs. Refined and elegant lines.

Salón sofás cheslong Gamamobel

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