Take care of your leather sofa, It will accompany you many years

In Gamamobel, You can combine and design almost one hundred percent of your sofa, a great advantage in the Spanish market: modulation, fabrics, extras… The best choice is the leather, by the finished, style and durability. But nevertheless, we shouldn't ignore the need for proper maintenance and basic care to keep it in best condition .

Today the Gamamobel's quality team let you some simple tips to keep your perfect sofa:

  • Cover it if you don't use it: It is a good way to protect it from dust, light and other external elements that can make a dent in the skin and can avoid with this simple gesture.
  • Nourish the sofa regularly: It is important that you follow the routines of cleaning and care indicating from Gamamobel. Prevention is better than cure.
  • If you have pets you must have them well educated by limiting them to an area of the couch with a blanket to protect tissue. However sometimes it is late and we can find spots, hair or scratches.
    • Stains: If they are of the feet will be easy to clean, simply with a cloth and special upholstery foam.
    • Hairs: It is he worst nightmare in our sofa, and in clothing too. If you can remove your sofa, follow the instructions and wash it. When the fabric is dry, you can wipe it with a rubber brush, specifically to remove these pesky hairs.
    • Scratches: Your leather has problems, but If they aren't very deep, you can apply some specific grease for the upholstery care and expect to improve.ARM PILLOW 2

It is so important to know what should be done, as what not. The worst thing is doing absolutely nothing. We finish our blog with some "do not do" If you like your upholstered be with you many years.

  • Don't forget stains: The old stains are the worst. Immediately you must wipe with a soft cloth, in some cases you can use a damp cloth provided that it is not a spot of grease that worse.

A trick: You hid a cloth near the sofa, all the family members should know and use it, to avoided major issues

  • Do not apply a product without having tried before: The hides and skins may vary, Therefore, it is recommended that you apply the product to a small area to verify that the cover will not be damaged.


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