Gamamobel: Clean the sofa spots only with water

Gamamobel has as goals to improve the quality of sofas, search the most trendy design and become the best proposition for our customers. Today on our blog we talk about technology Aqua Clean, allowing your sofa clean easily. Thanks to the HT we can remove small spots of wine, coffee, food and even some markers without having to resort to the detergent in the Visual tissues.

Gamamobel sofa tela Aqua Clean

Our sofa cleaning only with water in three easy steps:

– Remove excess residue poured on upholstery.

– Apply water onto stain, directly or with a wet cloth wrung out well. You must wait a few seconds.

– Click on the stain with the cloth and gently rub the fabric in a circular motion. If the stain does not disappear at all, you have to repeat the process often be necessary.

Anyway, there are times that the stains are too serious for this solution. For this reason, we leave some tips to wash the fabric correctly..

– You can washing machine on delicate cycle.

– Do not spin

– Do not bleach

– Not dry drum

– Do not dry in the sun

– Do not wring or twist

– Do not iron

– It may be washed in dry

It is essential to maintain a sofa care and cleaning. For example, use the aspirator regularly or cover it if you have animals or children at home.

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