Kids, your bed and storage extra

The protagonists of our today's entrance are the youngest of the House, and its space par excellence: the bedroom. They play, they laugh, they do the homework, they are with friends and above all, they rest and allow to rest the family members.

The bed is the most important element of your room, and it is important to be nice and the taste of the small, but that is also functional. New trends in decoration opt for beds with storage as the elevable bed frames, very practical where you can have a very big extra space..

Our Gamamobel's Kids Coleection includes very and functional, proposals apart of bespoke under family requests. Upholstered headboards offer many advantages, We can change the decoration in a manner more or less easy, simply replacing the print head. A trend in decor for dorm beds is to use similar themes, Since that way, We have given it that fun point, You must have any child room: flowers, pictures, anchors, geometric...

We can not forget the new solutions that help children to collect their own toys and keep tidy the room.. Other tools of extra storage without losing the joy and functionality.

Gamamobel Niños Decoración

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