Quality leather: Features and types

The Gamamobel’s Brand works with the leather thirty five years ago, this experience bring us a quality mark and “know-how”. Today, we know more about this fabric in this post: : types, features and peculiarities.

The most important thing is that the leather is a natural and unique product. Each piece is different, for this reason we find different tonal variety . Over the years it's easy to appear wrinkles and folds in the upholstery, because the leather has an elastic propriety which adapts to our body. The result is a surround comfort.

We can’t advice about the leather you have to choose, but we can make available the different collection in flower leather what is the hightest quality fabric Jaguar, Natur and Luxe. As well as the size, shape and design of a sofa, the choice of leather is very personal, especially because you will accompany many years in your home. The difference between these ranges is the thickness of the leather to the finish, the softness and the variety of colors is in all.

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