Advantages of choosing a Gamamobel- sofa bed.

Are you planning to buy a sofa bed and still you have serious doubts? In our today's post we talk about the advantages that have that kind of furniture:

Design. In Gamamobel we have worked hard to design the same the line in a conventional sofa as an auxiliar furniture. At first glance there is no difference between one and the other. As for upholstery, is used the same as on a sofa. You can choose between a tissue or another is a matter of tastes and the needs that we want to cover.

Space. This kind of furniture is designed for occasional use. The design of the structure is focused on save the maximum space possible when we are not using it without diminishing functionality and comfort. It is perfect for small flats, lofts, offices or second homes where you expect visits of family and friends.

Comfort. The sofa beds has changed so much in the last years . Not only for his designs, but by the quality of their materials: viscoelastic or foaming, There isn't difference with a conventional bed.

Cleaning. This issue concerns us all. The sofa is more important at home, for this it is stained frequently, but do not worry, we use Gamamobel Aquaclean technology , of which we have spoken on other post, it allow us to remove the stains with water only. Many of them are desenfunfables washable. You can also opt for a leather sofa bed that it is clean with a damp cloth.

Functionality. A furniture have to be practice and comfortable, combine with the rest of the deco and occupies little space. In this sense there are sofa beds of 2 and 3 squares or chaise longue. Together with comfort and design , the functionality is one of the aspects that most is currently working.

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