The removable option in Gamamobel

In Gamamobel, there are many options to choose a sofa, one of them is the tissue. In our blog we have talked about the possibility of leather or fabric, and in the case of the latter, Gamamobel Aqua Clean collection. The satins disappear with water and three simple steps .

But in this case, We will talk about the option of removable cover sofa, for people who want to enjoy without worrying about stains. Normally, the backrests and seats are those who have this feature, they have covers which can be removed for easy cleaning. You can be with zipper, buttons or velcro for the convenience of the customer.

This type of sofa is highly recommended for homes with children and pets, these parts are more exposed to suffer small mishaps and they will require a more continuous cleaning. In addition, you won't worry of the sofa.

When cleaning, it is important to carefully follow the indications of the manufacturer or distributor, focusing if the cover can be machine washed or require dry cleaning.

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