Nomada and Bali: Modular sofas

In the Gamamobel Day's Collection we have options of modular sofas. They are a very practical and functional option. They allows us to do space and colour combinations, and to adapt the modules according to your needs.

This model of sofa can be extended by adding more modules and convert it into a structure long and with the desired form. An example of them is our model Nomada. It is one of the best known of our Gamamobel brand, We create impossible compositions, upholstering them with different colours and patterns, and move them around the house to our liking, or of our guests. We can also make the shape of the sofa that you want, join other furniture creating fun and weird shapes.

In our collection 2015, We have Bali model with mediterranean lines and elegant style . As you can see a design different from the Nomada, more casual and it has choice of exterior fabric.

Gamamobel Slider Bali


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