Choosing the best mattress

There is a popular belief that the mattress on which we slept must be the toughest possible and how much more expensive is better. But nevertheless, these premises are not always certain that everything will depend on what are our physical characteristics. The Gamamobel's technical team gives us some keys to choose the best mattress.

The choice depends on aspects such as the position in which we sleep, how much to weigh and how high we have. We must not forget the importance of the pillow, It should also be complementary to achieve a quality rest.

Let's start. The mattress must be harder if we weight more , and, on the other hand, more flexible if we weigh less. Further, the position is the key because if we slept on a side, the mattress should be softer because the shoulder can accommodate and sink easily. If we are of sleeping upright more than upside down, the mattress should be harder.

About the materials used in the mattress support (latex, foam, springs or foam mattress components), It is a matter of personal preference except in cases where there is any pathology that requires that the mattress adapts better to the body. The best advice is to test the mattress, take your time, no hurry because we cannot confirm if it fits our needs in a couple of minutes.

In relation to the pillow, more importantly the thickness as the materials of which it is composed. There are specific pillows that only needs to be used in the case of some pathology and only during certain periods of time, as for example the cervical pillow. An important note is that babies should not sleep with pillow until after the year of age. The head is larger than the rest of the body . Pillow use in infants can lead to respiratory problems because it elevates their head upward and this prevents that they breathe well.

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