Gamamobel makes life easier for you

Gamamobel's Simulator is a simple and easy tool to help our customers to the decision of buying a sofa. With the highest quality and fidelity to reality, this web application allows us to test different combinations of colors and upholstery in the model that we like of Gamamobel Day collection.

You know our general catalogue, our series 11 Aqua Clean, Rustika or Visual, However it is much easier to choose between floral prints, geometric or plain colors if we know exactly how it will be. Also, if you're a daring, modular sofas like or you have a big house you can design different and unique combinations. So, customize your home, making your upholstery unique.

In addition to the style of the cover, We finish our post with some important tips which must be taken when we choose a fabric.

  • If it will be in a room with high traffic.
  • If it is going to use adults, children, with or without pet.
  • If you are very close to the sun or heat input next.
  • The rest of the decor.
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