Select a color in Gamamobel

In addition to the technical parts of which we have spoken on this blog, color is also important. This brings style, light and space. We can't choose the color of our sofa, either in fabric or leather, without thinking. Inside leather, we find the classic colors at the Luxe collection, or you can opt for Jaguar collection's vibrant colors : pistachios, pinks, Violets.... On the other hand, it is already known the full range of prints, flowers, marbled, monochrome... from our various collections in fabric such as Visual or Rustika. An example in trend is the new mustard in Premier C series, a choice where no fail (Model Goya nook).

We must take into account the tone of our walls when choosing. The sofas, dark colors, for example, combine perfectly with the light walls and also they give a touch of elegance to the living-room. Darker sofas, support better every day. but, the sunlight have not to shine directly on it, it could discolor and aging prematurely. Another factor that should guide us in choosing our sofa is the size of the room. Those in light colors (White, ochre, pale tones) they will help you to get a sense of greater amplitude. Those in white, in addition, they will give more elegance to the room, especially if they are leather. If, on the other hand, your living room is big, you can allow you to buy a much more extreme colors sofa, as the red, the chocolate brown or the mustard. It's much more daring and modern colors that you get that your home has a much more marked personality.

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