How to manufacture

Our Product

We want to show you one of our pieces so you can see the parts that make up a sofa.

How to manufacture

Gamamobel features a fully integrated production process. Internally develop all production phases of construction of any upholstered product.


Here are the different phases of the life cycle of a sofa, the example is applicable to other makes upholstered Gamamobel.

Receiving the fabric or leather.

Once the skin is measured recepciona for meeting the feet or meters that must be. Once measured imperfections are analyzed, that must be cut in if any.

Court of leather and fabric

The leather cutting hand occurs. Gamamobel has a very professional team with extensive experience and track record does this work in a completely traditional way.

The cut fabric is made with a specialized machines that are connected to a software digitally makes the parts in the product is cut to perfection.

Section skeletons

Based on the required raw material is solid wood and chipboard and after measuring the thicknesses and have the thickness, to see that the raw material is of adequate quality, we analyze if the wood has imperfections and when you already have the right texture, then preparing the skeleton having different phases is performed:

  • Cutting and Machining: each stapling assembly skeleton and
  • Cut foam rubber: From blocks of different qualities of the foam according to the part of the sofa (seating, arms, structures) proceed to court on the basis of measurements and densities.


This department consists entirely of women, is engaged in the manufacture of covers that will form the sides of the sofa.

Section gumming and sheathed

The cushion is coated with textures necessary for its density and once done this, dons it to the finished sheath received from the sewing department.

Section upholstery

Here is upholstered and coats the skeleton with the raw materials needed, the product is assembled and upholstered, he gets all kinds of accessories and fittings carrying, couplings, relax, etc…

Mounting section

Here are finished riding ins for review, operation mechanism are mounted and tested, paws and get backups, coatings are ironed and passed the quality department.

Quality department

Here are responsible for the product is perfect and ready to deliver. Tissues were monitored, mechanisms, densities and structure. Performance tests are conducted and then goes to the packaging section and ready.